Jole Gandolini, the historic textile designer and weaver, has been collaborating with Torri Lana since the 70s, since 1983 exclusively. Jole Gandolini tells us: “I was just starting out, and with my small suitcase of swatches I went to see Gio Ponti, and Ponti told me: “… go and see Frattini…”. And Gianfranco (Frattini) told me: “…We must go and see Cesare (Cassina)…”. That’s how our decades-long collaboration has started, working on everything, from upholstered furniture to interior architecture”.

The textile line “Gianfranco Frattini Collection” has been developed by Torri Lana 1885 in collaboration with Archivio Gianfranco Frattini. It reveals five unpublished and never before woven patterns that the Maestro created in the 70s, together with four patterns Frattini often employed in his interiors projects, all eight of them in new color combinations created by his daughter Emanuela Frattini Magnusson.

The eight patterns are reminiscents of the names of some of Frattini’s best known public spaces: Saint Andrew’s, Stork, Spinnaker, Carillon, Scafandro, Roseberry, Scaletta and Radetzky.

The skillful yarn selection interprets the original intent of the patterns, composing a collection that is varied as well as coherent, inspired by the colorways that are characteristic of the designer reinterpreting them for today’s esthetic.

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