Torri Lana 1885 has elevated the art of spinning and weaving yarn dyed upholstery fabrics for over 50 years in a small valley outside Bergamo Italy. Our NATURAL PERFORMANCE collection reflects this history and experience, illustrating our commitment to the power of natural fibers to enhance our lives.

All of the articles in the collection achieve high resistance to Martindale abrasion and meet many key commercial & hospitality fire codes around the world. The impressive performance of these fabrics demonstrates why natural fibers have been and will remain an important part of our daily life.

The extensive use of renowable raw materials makes our fabrics natural and sustainable.

The Natural Performance line is a cut service program, ideal for upholstered furniture manufacturers, architects and designers specifying for residential and hospitality projects.

Register to enter the Cut Service collection, selected articles constantly available for our clients with small minimum order. Within the reserved area you can see all the colors and download the technical data sheets of each article.

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