A line of furnishing fabrics based on fine HEMP yarns, the perfect trait-d’union between the inside and outside of the house.

Hemp is one of the most antique botanical fibres, its origin dates back to 6,000 years ago. Grown without the use of fertilizers and chemical products, it is the most suitable natural textile material for outdoor living because it is resistant to extreme weather conditions. It has been used for centuries to make cords, sails and tents.

A highly protective fibre, it filters 95% of UV rays. It is resistant to wear and tear, has dimensional and humid tenacity and stability. It is particularly popular in clothing because pleasant to touch, fresh and has the highest transpiration capacity in nature.

The CANAPA Outdoor fabrics are treated with a special “ECO” finish; the raw fabric is    first washed to remove any kind of wax and oil with a natural soap, extracted from lemon fermentation.

A special silicone high concentration treatment is then applied, to create an invisible surface layer with a molecular structure 2000 times smaller than water, which gives mechanical waterproofing to the fabric surface, like water drops dancing on much smaller spheres that do not allow penetration through the fabric.

The “ECO” treatment is PFOA free, resistant to wash, safe for skin contact and respectful of the environment.


The new Torri Lana OUTDOOR PLUS+ collection combines the best technical fibres available on the market to create a unique product in terms of aesthetics and performance. The special HUV Polyester gives the MAXIMUM STRENGTH, combined with the LIGHTNESS and VOLUME of Polypropylene with the HIGH SPECIALTIES of acrylic.

The main types of yarns are the soft CHENILLE and the eye-catching ONDE’ which evolves and updates the phenomenally successful BOUCLE’ fancy aspects in a selection of MODERN and SOLAR COLOURS. Maximum fastness to light and weather, as the SOLUTION DYED pigment is already embedded in the fibre itself; the entire production process of spinning, weaving, and finishing uses no water, contributing to the sustainability of the product.

The fabric in its original version apply to the strictest WEATHER TESTS of European and American standards, guaranteeing maximum performance for use in all weather conditions. On request, also available with a WATER REPELLENT SOIL & STAIN treatment, PFOA free.

At last, the unmistakable Torri Lana taste features in OUTDOOR spaces with TEXTURE and PATTERN and the highest guarantee of durability.