A 100-year-old company, a modern and efficient institution. Tradition innovation, history and technology.

More than 130 years ago the Torri family produced merino wool fabrics for esteemed women’s clothing in Gandino. It is the same journey Torri Lana continues today. Since 1980 we produce upholstery fabrics, mainly using cotton made by top quality raw materials and dyes.
Our long history, the new style, machinery and flexible customer service, has given Torri Lana a modern flair.


The heart of the factory is the weaving mill, with 25 modern jacquard.
The production line includes the yarn processing, winding, warping & twisting, quality control and the Research & Development department.

The inclusion of the twisting yarn technology was a significant choice in the recent innovative approach in our production process. Not only does it allow for production of a wide range of fabrics, but also leaves ample room for creativity. We can now create and produce our own yarns within the mill. The combination of base fibres by the twisting process, results in a wide variety of unusual and unique fancy effects. All our raw materials come from the most reliable mills in Italy or Europe in order to offer exclusive and unique quality yarns.

Our reference target is the exclusive furnishing market: we export to top designers world-wide. Our production focuses both on niche and mid-range markets with excellent quality price. In addition to our production on demand, in order to meet an ever-changing global market, our CUT SERVICE programme is constantly available from our warehouse.


Modern technology is set in a historical factory. Our Torri Lana headquarters is a perfectly conserved rare example of industrial archaeology; an important heritage that illustrates the evolution of textile production process and an example of how economic geography can influence local industry.
The Gandino Valley is well-known for woollen and silk mills with an age-old textile tradition. The Torri Lana family has always played an important role in fabric production and trade in this area. The company was founded in 1885, the same year the mill was built. History shows that a textile activity producing wool fabrics existed in the same area in the 12th century. The mill was initially driven by water that powered the machinery.
The building site is actually due to the availability of fast-flowing water in a stream that runs beside it.
Raw wool fibres from Argentina, Australia and New Zealand were used to produce fabrics for exclusive fine women’s fashion. In the 1900s one of the ‘Rinascente Store’ windows in Milan displayed Torri Lana fabrics. It is worth noting that during World Wars I and II Torri Lana production changed slightly in order to produce military coats and blankets.
From 1970s on Torri Lana has reshaped production by specializing in upholstery fabrics. No longer using only wool, but mainly other natural fibres such as cotton, linen and viscose. Meanwhile, it grows the collaboration with the textile designer Jole Gandolini, who soon becomes the exclusive designer for Torri Lana. It is through Jole Gandolini and Mr. Loredano Tonon that the company get in touch with the great names of Italian architecture, design and furniture entrepreneurs: Gio Ponti, Gianfranco Frattini, Franco Bettonica, Piero Busnelli, the Cassina family, Angelo Mangiarotti, Renata Bonfanti, Maddalena De Padova, Vico Magistretti. These important meetings have allowed Torri Lana to specialize in the field of upholstery coverings, of which it is still a protagonist today as a supplier of fabrics of high technical and aesthetic quality.