The original composition was created with an Olivetti Lettera 82 typewriter. The typographic signs used are minimal, a dot and a bar, yet these simple signs are able to evoke a storm. The apparent regularity of the grid of dots and bars dialogues ironically with the potential absolute freedom of single-field representation typical of the Jacquard technique.


Victor Vasilev

The project was created by imagining a place where the laws of logic and reality are suspended.
The lines of the design intertwine, forming impossible geometries and surreal glimpses.
Soaring buildings, suspended bridges and floating planes mingle in an intricate labyrinth where the law of gravity is overcome.
It is an invitation to dream and explore new and extraordinary worlds. I hope this tapestry will convey a sense of wonder and magic, prompting the viewer to lose themselves in the infinite possibilities of their imagination.



“Count Sheep” for Torri Lana was intended to be a reinterpretation of the long and ancient tradition of the tapestry, abstracting it from the solemnity and classicism for which it has often been distinguished.
These pieces of furniture in fact, in addition to their aesthetic function, also served as insulation for the large rooms of castles and were hung on the cold stone walls to soften the environment, and the material that was most widely used was wool.
This in fact perfectly matched the thermal function that the tapestry had in these contexts, and it is precisely on this fragment of history that the entire ‘Count Sheep’ project was developed.
The main subject we decided to represent is a flock of sheep, an allegory of wool: a vibrant pattern, randomly interrupted by recognisable elements such as stylised sheep that become the decorative motif of the composition.
The overall look is intended to be a still image of a flock in motion where the graphic elements interrupting the wavy lines give an ironic edge to the whole narrative.


Mikal Harrsen

With the Jacquard Circles I am playing with the idea of illustrating the different impacts of color intensity of various weawing styles, utilizing the form of a traditional color circle.
Through the methodical and graphical approach, Jacquard Circles offers an opportunity to understand the tactile consequence of the weaving techniques in combination with the accumulated tone variations – all deriving from the same thread.


Laura Cazzaniga

” …the lady believed that each one of us has two hearts: she used to say, however, that one eclipses the other, but, if each one of us could even for a single moment catch a glimpse of the light of her hidden heart, then she would understand that it is a sacred heart, and could no longer do without its warmth…”
The sacred heart is our willingness to put ourselves out there to improve, to focus on the next step, to force ourselves to be there for everything, only then does the miracle of feeling life whole happen. Daily miracles.


Emanuela Frattini Magnusson

This image, interpreted through tapestry construction, brings us an immediate and happy association with the morning sunrise, Alba Felix. It was created studying the possibilities this technique offers: precise lines that overlap nuanced effects, strong contrasts next to softer color gradations.
In my work I am interested in exploring the combination of rigorous, precise structures with elements of randomness and improvisation. We make the rules and decide how and when to break them, to create a set in which all components coexist naturally and that, besides answering to function and logic, can evoke an emotional response.


Giovanni Hänninen

Tomorrow is a consideration on the future of Man on this planet. A tapestry that depicts the remains of an extreme climate event, such as the ones we are getting accustomed to. Victims of their own recklessness, human presences helplessly observe the aftermath. They don’t realize they are not just mere spectators, but ever more protagonists of what is taking place around them. Tomorrow invites us to take control of our future. To be conscious of these ever-undeniable changes and of our responsibilities. For this reason the author has imagined a tapestry that can be gazed at, but also touched. An experience to be lived through the eyes, but also with the tip of the fingers. An invite to get involved with the work, and not just be spectators of changes affecting everybody.
The design of this tapestry is inspired by the images taken by Giovanni Hänninen for Arte Sella to document the aftermath of the Vaia storm, that in 2018 destroyed tens of thousand of hectares of Alpine conifer forests in the North-East of Italy. Other than at Arte Sella, Giovanni Hänninen’s photographic project was exhibited at XVII Biennale di Architettura di Venezia in 2021.


Giuseppina Motta

The tapestry captures the essence of altruism, gratitude, and kindness emanating from Berta’s tale, providing a tangible space for reflection through the medium of textile art. The narrative emphasizes the value of sincerity and spontaneity in the act of giving, highlighting the importance of intention over the material worth of a gift. Inspired by the legend of Berta, a devout widow who generously donated fine wool to her king, the story unfolds to reveal the king’s reciprocal generosity, ensuring Berta a life of serenity and prosperity. This act of royal kindness inspires a wave of eager devotion among the subjects, though the king ultimately reminds them that the era of unconditional generosity, symbolized by Berta’s actions, is long gone.


Emilio S.Leo

1. A robot may not harm a human being nor, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey orders given by human beings, provided such orders do not conflict with the First Law.
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.


Omi Tahara

Through highly technological cutting processes, the diamond acquires its iconic brilliance. Similarly, Torri Lana, with its advanced technology, can create various patterns and color tones on a single fabric, and this combination of patterns on the Thousand Diamonds tapestry evokes the sparkle of a jewel. Torri Lana’s jacquard fabrics are of high quality and as precious as diamonds. This exemplifies the fusion of technological mastery and artistic vision, where the intricate patterns and vibrant colors of the jacquard fabrics embody the luxurious allure traditionally associated with diamonds.